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densaugeo_rp's Journal

Densaugeo - A Marauder Era RP
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It is the year 1975 and Voldemort is on the rise. The Marauders, their friends, and ememies are in their sixth year at Hogwarts, trying desperately to learn everything they can before braving the world that is awaiting them outside the safe walls of the castle. However, just because there is a war waging outside, that doesn't mean there can't be a little "innocent" fun on the inside.

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Student Roster
Teacher Roster
Quidditch Roster
Daily Prophet
Out-of-Character Community
Taken PB

1. All role-playing takes place in the MWPP era. The year is 1975 and the Marauders are in the Sixth Year. Please keep all of the events relevent to the time. For example, there won't be a battle in the Ministry where anyone gets pushed behind tapestries for another twenty years, so don't mention it.

2. Before applying, make sure you look at the student and teacher rosters for availability.

3. A player can have up to four characters, but must be able to remain active with all of them. If a mod notices that one of your characters are lacking, you will receive one warning before you will be forced to drop one of them.

4. Similarly, you can make two characters right away, but you must have them for at least a month before adding another. This way the mods will be able to guage if you're active enough to have another. However, special circumstances will be made if you come to a mod. In other words, just ask and you'll be able to have three characters. This is mainly because this is such a new rp and we want to get started on the right foot with a good number of characters.

5. Original characters are more than welcome, but it would be preferred that if you do have an original character, you also have one of the main characters. This way, the bigger characters will be covered and still allow you to be creative in your own way.

6. In the subject line of your application, please put "MWPP 1975." If you do not do this, you will be denied.

7. You can only post one thread at a time. Yes, it's a magical world and all, but it's still impossible for your characters to be in two places at once. Meaning, if your character is talking to someone in the common room, they can't be eating in the Great Hall.

8. Include the date and time in the subject line of your posts. For easy viewing, use this format: "August 3, 2000 -- Evening"

9. Because this is an RP that deals with older teenagers, things are liable to..escalate. However, just because we will be RPing as older teenagers, some of us may not be. Please keep themes between a PG-13 and R rating. The ratings will be based on the ones used for movies. If you're curious as to whether or not you've gone to far, consult this website for more details.

10. Be respectful to everyone in the RPG. We're here to have fun - so let's have some. If drama is taken into private journals, the person doing the harrassing will be automatically banned from the community.

11. Alternate posting in threads with three or more characters so that no one will be left out and there is equal participation.

12. Do not puppet someone's character without permission. Do not try to restart threads that have obviously already finished.

13. Major plots (ie, the death of a character, Voldemort storming into the castle, ect) must be approved by the mods.

14. Thank you for using proper grammar and spelling. We want to be able to read and understand you.

15. Every participant must have a personal journal for your character(s). It should be updated at least once a week updating what happens to them in the RPG. Basically, this is for the other characters to keep tabs on each other without having to search through any long threads. In addition, be sure to have a good description of your character in the userinfo of the personal journal, including, but not limited to, of course, whether or not they're in Quidditch, what classes they excel in, their friends, and so on.

16. The RP date will change every every other day at 12 AM CST. Look at the top of the RPG layout above the navigation to see what the date is in case you get confused.

17. Most of all, have fun!

Submit application here.
Be sure to consult HP Lexicon while designing your characters. Please keep everything canon - no blonde James or African-American Lily.

Go here to view and apply.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let one of us know. We will also be the people making the big calls and randomly changing things throughout the RP. Please bear with us. :)

Name: Jamie
LJ: _jamielynn
AIM: hahalala jamie
Email: densaugeo@gmail.com, kamers.alert@gmail.com

Name: La Mariposa
LJ: lamariposa_carp
AIM: wtf justkickit
Email: densaugeo@gmail.com

Format for this RPG were inspired by hogwartsislove